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Treatments just for Men


Facials are relaxing treatments designed to treat the skin and revive your being, making you look and feel better afterwards.

For a general facial or if it is your first time, try the Deep Cleaning and Hydrating Facial 30 mins

For aging concerns try The Spa Boutique Microdermabrasion, where we use the Diva Deva Anti-ageing products which hydrate, fight wrinkles and firm skin.

For acne or blemish-prone skin, try our Cleansing Facial, the Rapid Spot Clearing or Blackhead Relief microZone facial or for a deeper treatment, try Microdermabrasion.

We also offer brow and lash tinting to highlight your eyes.

Hands & Feet

If you do a lot of hand shaking at work, it pays to have neat nails. What better way than to pop in for a manicure at The Spa Boutique. Not just for the ladies, our executive manicure involves a soothing soak to soften the skin, filing of the nails, a relaxing massage and to leave them nourished. You really will feel like a new man!

An executive pedicure is the same as a manicure, but for your feet!  So if it’s coming up to summer or you’re about to go on holiday and your feet haven’t seen the light of day for a while, get down to The Spa Boutique for a good clean-up. Maintenance is easy with the express pedicure.   Or try the Callus Peel to get rid of that painful hard skin.

Massage and Body

Massage is a therapeutic technique designed to relax muscles and increase oxygen flow in the blood releasing toxins from the muscles. It involves the use of kneading, stroking, friction, tapping, and vibration and may provide relief from a variety of health problems.

The Diamond touch  Microdermabrasion Back Treatment will reduce the appearance of acne, enlarged pores, scars, pigmentation, sun damaged skin and stretch marks through deep exfoliation.

Our Shrinking Violet Wrap is designed to reduce your love handles, so there’s just a little less of you to love!

The Salt Scrub is customised to either revive and energise or reduce stress.

Men's Waxing

It leaves the skin smooth and the hair grows back slower, softer and lighter than when shaved. Great for larger areas like those pesky shoulders and back. Lasts 4-6 weeks for most men. 

Yeah, it hurts! But not nearly as much as you think! Add that to the fact that different parts of your body have different levels of sensitivity, like the small of your back or the tops of your pecs nearest the collarbones, tend to be more sensitive. Everyone experiences it differently, because every bloke has a different resistance to what's happening. 

We use Lycon Wax, and we think that it is the best on the market, slight more expensive than most waxes our "Manifico Wax for men has anesthetic and antiseptic properties.

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